Arabic Cultural Weeks

The event series “Arabic Cultural Weeks” was created under the influence of events in the Arab world, the resulting refugee movements and the current political debate in Germany and Europe. With the Arab Cultural Weeks, we want to initiate an intercultural dialogue that leads to more encounters and more understanding. Every year the Arab Cultural Weeks focus on a new theme, which is reflected in the events.

In 2016 the Arab Culture Weeks took place for the twelfth time. Through the numerous events we intend to draw attention to the cultural diversity in the Arab world and hope to open up new perspectives on societies in transition and thus build new bridges of understanding between the European and Arab world.

The repertoire of the festivals includes annual lectures, concerts, readings, seminars and workshops, but also cooking courses, sports activities, panel discussions and film screenings. The events deal with the most diverse topics of current events: Politics, art, culture, social affairs, religion, economy, science, literature, sport, music and culinary delights!

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