Aflamna Arabic Filmfestival

Aflamna is Arabic and means “our films” in German. Every year in different Cities in north Germany, as part of the Arabic cultural weeks in Germany, in cooperation with the Sphinx Film Agency, we show a selection of current feature films, documentaries and short films from the Arabic world. Aflamna was founded in 2012. Every year the Aflamna Film Festival is accompanied by an Arab culture week. Between 2019 and 2020, the Film Festival and the Arabic Cultural Weeks will focus on the topic “the Arab world between wealth and poverty”.
The aim of the festival is to bring the art and culture of the Orient closer to European society, especially to Germany. It is intended to stimulate thought-processes by presenting different cultural and political views, taking up historical aspects and ask critical questions. The main aim is to stimulate discussions on our chosen topic and to bring German and Arab culture into exchange. For this reason, we try to broadcast the films not only in cinemas in Bremen, but in various cities throughout northern Germany. Other venues include Hanover, Hamburg and Oldenburg.

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